Land Acquisition and Development Strategy


At Fortress Commercial Real Estate, we recognize that land acquisition and development is a very iterative and fluid process that can sometimes take anywhere from 12 months to three years. As such, we stay diligently focused because commercial real estate development deals are part and parcel to our day-to-day duties. We keep the process on track in order to allow our client to focus on their core competencies within their organization.


And since these are typically multimillion-dollar projects, we deliver the level of professional organization needed to keep such developments on track, on schedule and on budget.


Through careful preparation, meticulous planning, and experience working with property owners, we have a firm understanding of the land acquisition process and subsequent development strategy.

We have decades of experience in land acquisition and development strategy in the Tampa Bay area, Central Florida, West Florida and beyond, including:

  • Tampa

  • Plant City

  • Brandon

  • Lakeland

  • St. Petersburg

  • Clearwater

Once we've identified a parcel of land and have completed the preliminary investigation, we'll work to tie up the land until you are ready to acquire it, including letters of intent and option agreements; draw up the purchase and sale contracts, including contingencies, timeframe, right to cure and assignment; perform our due diligence, including clarifying and addressing any land development issues or concerns; and help you determine your development financing options, including debt, private or public.

Our experienced commercial real estate professionals are steadfast in their commitment to the long game of land acquisitions and development in order to help you secure the right deal.

With nearly two decades of experience in commercial real estate in Tampa Bay, we are confident we can help you find the commercial and industrial real estate, office space or land to fit your needs.

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