Site Selection and Property Entitlement



As an extension of services to our clients, Fortress Commercial Real Estate provides site selection and land entitlement services for a variety of commercial real estate properties. As such, this service requires extensive local market knowledge, an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and the impact of locational, demographic, traffic and regulatory characteristics of a site as they relate to the business.


We advise our clients at every stage of the acquisition and property entitlement process on all commercial real estate property types, recognizing that the initial phase of commercial real estate development involves an incredible amount of research and analysis to determine if a proposed development is truly viable.


By our standards, a successful site must meet the following requirements:

  • Proper zoning with a plan for rezoning if needed

  • Adequate infrastructure in place or known pricing to bring to the site

  • Clean environmental health or adequate reports indicating mitigation

  • Clear delineation of parcel lines and potential wetlands impacted

  • Understanding of the underlying dirt and any additional fill required

  • Thoughtful stormwater retention plan and design

  • Appropriate pricing for development and commercial use

  • The right team of engineers, architects, builders, investors and advisors

  • Market demand

By using multiple databases, our commercial real estate advisors consider all available properties within a designated trade area that meet basic site requirements, including property size, visibility, traffic flow, zoning restrictions, access points, competitors and countless other factors that help us find the right property to fit our clients’ needs.

Decades of Experience in Site Selection & Property Entitlement 

We have decades of experience in commercial real estate, site selection and property entitlement in the Tampa Bay area and beyond, including:

  • Tampa

  • Plant City

  • Brandon

  • Lakeland

  • St. Petersburg

  • Clearwater

Since every factor varies for every deal, we cater our methodology and strategy accordingly to analyze and research our client’s needs to select the right commercial property at the right price.

With nearly two decades of experience in commercial real estate in Tampa Bay, we are confident we can help you find the commercial and industrial real estate, office space or land to fit your needs.

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