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A lot of the conversation this past week has been around large warehouse users looking for over 200,000 SF. That includes a 1.2 million square-footer touring through the state looking for land to build a large facility on. It’s a guarded secret and even the EDC representatives are confident it’s a prominent name. The rest of the large users looking are also potential large names, but the belief is their decisions are tied to client contracts they’re chasing as well. Where it all falls, we will let you know as the information comes in over the holidays. This is proof that more and more corporate users are taking notice of West Central Florida for future operations.

Our area’s pro-business base and future growth potential for both population and development are making impressions in board rooms around the country. This is driving a lot of the attention we’re also getting from developers eyeing land opportunities who haven’t looked around in years, as they anticipate more users needing new construction, quality product. Activity yet again seems to get broader, with more diverse requests being made. The tenant base hasn’t gotten deeper yet, but again that’s a matter of time. These are all just more positive signs that market activity and absorption are both moving in the right direction, pushing decisions to be made.

If you have questions about commercial real estate from “the skyway to the speedway” covering central Florida from the Gulf to the Atlantic, please call us.

Here’s a good video article on GDP growth for the 3rd quarter of 2014