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Have you listened to the conversations we’re having lately? When to build a speculative construction project, organic growth within existing tenant base, local developments and economic wins on the rise, new jobs being created, and Florida moving up in the ranks of population and job growth statistics! You’ll see articles in this week’s update about what is a “Full Housing Recovery” as well as how Tampa Bay made #2 in popular moving destinations.

Impressive “problems” we’ve found ourselves in, yet we are still feeling dips in activity now and then with mid to large users. Some companies are doing more with less, while mergers and acquisitions are creating facility closures and consolidations locally. We even continue to see local companies moving operations out of our area, but the point of the matter is we’re winning some deals. The ones we are losing are to natural factors that are normal these days, but all-in-all, operations are moving in the right direction.

The breakdown of closed deals in the 4th quarter for our market area is as follows for the 70 deals reported:


  • 29 new deals
  • 9 expansions
  • 32 renewals (2 of which involved reductions of space)


  • 3 deals over 50,000 SF (all renewals)
  • 4 deals 25-50k SF (1 of those was a new/expansion deal)
  • 16 deals 10-25k SF (8 of those were new deals)
  • 47 deals under 10k SF (20 of those were new deals)

Also, if you have a business that fits the criteria below and you want to do business with Amazon, please keep reading.

Amazon Fulfillment Services is currently looking for suppliers of products and services that fall into these categories:

Shipping Supplies: corrugated boxes, shipping labels, stretch film, shrink wrap, wood pallets, void-fill, tapes, etc.

General Retail Items: facility tools, safety supplies, office supplies, food items, bottled water, etc.

Services: janitorial, waste collection & recycling, plumbing, electric, food vending, rental equipment, pest control, power industrial equipment rental, A/C services, yard hostling services, etc.

Infrastructure Items: large commercial fans, conveyor, bins/racking, IT equipment, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier, fill out the attached supplier inquiry form and send all inquiries to: