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At the core of any good partnership are synergy, mutual benefit, and great communication. It is no different when it comes to Commercial Real Estate. The goal is always to find the right property for a client on time and within budget. Here’s how HQSelect’s marketing partnership let Fortress CRE provide a seamless experience for a relocating distributor, Gruber Supply.

A Powerful Process

Here’s how HQSelect provides a powerful, seamless experience to finding the right broker and property for clients, and how Fortress CRE’s execution on this partnership allows for client success.

Seamless Searching

Gruber Supply, an Ohio manufacturing representative for small engines, parts and service was facing some challenges, including that their outdated building was being sold by the owner as well as accessibility issues for trucks and equipment. They began their property search online and came across HQSelect.

Efficient Handoff

Through HQSelect, the client identified that they had an interest in industrial real estate in the Tampa area, to include warehouse and distribution space. The online search tool quickly provided the opportunity to Fortress CRE, a well-respected commercial real estate brokerage with 14 years of expertise in the Tampa area.

A Curated Approach

Fortress CRE worked with Gruber Supply’s unique needs and timeline, providing expert guidance with boots-on-the-ground knowledge of the geographical area to come up with a list of available properties that could work for Gruber Supply, back in January of 2020.

When the pandemic hit, Gruber Supply paused the search in order to assess the business climate and their current operation’s resilience. Because Fortress CRE started early enough in the process, they were able to take a strategic approach to the timeline, tracking the building options over the next few months.

Once May came around, and Gruber Supply was confident their business was still in a good position, Fortress CRE picked up where they had left off and were able to find the right property for them, which resulted in the securing of a 27,500 sq ft warehouse and distribution facility in East Tampa, owned by ProLogis, a highly-reputable industrial real estate owner.

“We were new to the market and had a lot of unknowns in the Spring of 2020 with our building being sold, a lack of available accessible facilities as well as everything surrounding the pandemic. HQSelect put us in great hands with Fortress CRE. Kostas Stoilas represented and advocated for us, worked with and beat our timeline, and, most importantly, found us a great property. We’re looking forward to increased success in our new facility.” – Will Gruber, Gruber Supply

Start Strong with HQSelect

Whether you know exactly what you need, or are just starting your search, HQSelect provides a seamless experience in finding the right broker to handle your commercial real estate needs. The industrial real estate search and purchase experience is complex and can be overwhelming. Getting you to the right broker who has deep experience in the area and an understanding of your business and industry is critical.