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Just as the economy is revving up around the country, we are gearing up as well locally. We have a drone-cam and have started thinking about ways to market and view property with it. Lesson 1: careful flying inside warehouses with columns!

Here’s a short video of our marketing capabilities and what we’ve been able to do with our “drone-cam” Aerial Marketing.

We see aerial drone marketing as a benefit to listings promoted to users outside of our local market.

On a side note and a personal view on where the market is going in terms of BIG warehouse space! The belief is that since large-box industrial is improving across the country, and Corporate America is showing interest in our Polk County market along Interstate-4, we will see more of the larger scale Fortune 100 companies continue to look at our market. Being that CBRE represents 85% of Fortune 100 companies, we are positioned well to understand where those occupiers will go, from midsize to large-scale distribution needs.

Stay tuned for some graphical info on what great things are happening in our Central Florida area!