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Have you heard what’s going on in Tampa Bay? It’s an economic propulsion! We’re all working together to create new ideas and improve on age old problems with innovative solutions. Solving transportation issues with autonomous vehicles and creating living environments that take into account our culture and landscape.

Some Tampa Bay Accolades Include:

  • Top City in the SouthEast
  • Led the State in Job Creation for 3 years
  • Most Welcoming City
  • 12 Ratings Increases During Recession
  • Where the Best and Brightest Want To Be

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the sale of major land transactions in the Tampa Bay region from Polk County to the East and Pasco County to the North. From large scale million square foot distribution centers to global manufacturing facilities employing hundreds of jobs. Assisting in big box distribution center leases and working on major corporate manufacturing facility build-to-suit projects.

You should see what’s going on in these nearby communities and how they’re transforming in today’s age of new ideas and innovation!

Pasco county’s farms are being developed into internet connected communities and corporate office parks with autonomous vehicle lanes.

Polk county’s farms are being developed into distribution centers and light industrial warehouses where new and existing companies can expand operations and increase their footprint.

You will see modern and future amenities in practice and prototype at these new developments. Please take the time to get to know the “new” old parts of town and how they’re shaping the way for our future places of live, work, play and love.

How Fortress Commercial Real Estate Can Help

Moral of the story… call Fortress, so we can talk expert advice on where your real estate strategy should be focused in West Central Florida. Fortress Commercial Real Estate adds value to business owners looking to grow through their real estate, office and building needs.

There’s an elephant in the room we want to talk about… Fortress Commercial Real Estate. A commercial real estate brand in Tampa Bay made of over 30 years of Florida experience and local real estate knowledge.

Paying attention to Florida real estate, so you can pay attention to growing your business.

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