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Originally Published February 28, 2017

Every aspect of real estate is active right now. It’s clearly a good market. Not just sectors, but each area. Buyers are putting buildings under contract quickly….tenants are renewing, expanding or looking for additional locations…buildings are getting sold and occupied, and vacant land is now being eyeballed for development if it wasn’t already…portfolios are selling as investment vehicles with income streams, regardless of the underlying asset….and all because it’s a hot market in an up-cycle.

Tampa Bay Industrial Real Estate

In the Industrial Real Estate sector, every major owner or developer is considering speculative projects from Tampa Bay all along the I-4 Corridor from Plant City to Lakeland, and into Orlando.

Whether it’s an office building, a warehouse facility or a retail showroom or restaurant, and whether it’s downtown or near industry or near rooftops. The hierarchy of supply and the proof of pent up demand are both being tested, and property tours are getting emotional because someone beat you to the deal you wanted while “back to square one” doesn’t feel like a worthwhile effort.

The time has come where deals are made both through due diligence and haste, and the ones that come out on top are the ones who’ve been studying the market dynamics consistently.

The next frontier of questions will come from concerns and focus on how new construction, absorption and activity velocity, along with interest rates and inflation, will play together to affect pricing.

We know where to look and how to handle a question, whether it’s on a new real estate offering or an old project being revived whose time has come for execution on prior plans. This is where it gets fun and we get to use all the tools in our toolset and all the skills in our skill set. This is where every contract or agreement gets made, and if anything gets through the cracks there’s a professional there to catch it or lose it.

How Fortress Commercial Real Estate Can Help

Moral of the story…call me, so we can talk expert advice on where your real estate strategy should be focused in West and Central Florida.

Fortress Commercial Real Estate adds value to business owners looking to grow through their real estate, office and building needs.

With over 560 closed client deals in the past 6 years, Fortress Commercial Real Estate brings you the experience needed.

There’s an elephant in the room we all want to talk about… Fortress Commercial Real Estate. A commercial real estate brand in Tampa Bay that’s made up of over 30 years of Florida experience and local real estate knowledge. I’ve paid attention to Florida real estate so you can pay attention to growing your business.

Contact us online, call us at 813.444.3330 or email us at for more sound advice.