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Tampa is in a bubble. I said “in” a bubble not “on” a bubble. Big difference. I believe we are insulated from some of the things that are threatening the macro economy. We might be looking out from within a safe bubble of activity, growth and new progress. No earth shattering info, just some good consistent growth based on a solid foundation that isn’t as speculative as the last cycle.

Why Florida is Well Positioned

Here’s a good article on how to spot a softening market.

Our growth, our position in the state, our diversification over the last decade, and new developments that are coming to both our urban cores of Tampa and St Pete, as well as our I-4 corridor are propelling us to new levels. There are secular changes that have occurred that will create a new foundation in coming economic cycles.

Local Business

Just about every business you talk to locally is seeing and capitalizing on increased opportunities, and non-local businesses that are moving here are coming because of the new demographics being created that they can also tap into. Sometimes it even seems new markets are being created locally by successful entrepreneurs and mentors. Look at our tech ecosystem for starters! We’ve got a bunch of great young companies making waves and getting funded or acquired.

Just check out what the media is saying about us and you’ll notice what’s going on around you daily. Even some of the things you’ve taken for granted in the past are now new areas for growth.

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