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Tampa Bay is hot and that’s not just the weather talking, either. This place is on fire with good news! You can’t go anywhere between Tampa Bay and Orlando along the I-4 Corridor without hearing a good news story about business growth, population growth and economic growth.


Our tech startups are coming together to create a valuable and vibrant ecosystem. Our regional population growth is creating opportunities for manufacturers and goods distributors to locate here and serve our families. Our business leaders are banding together to influence political discussions about how to plan our future transportation solutions. Our students are coming back to stay here because it’s such an amazing place to start a career and an idea in!

We are consistently in the headlines for moving up the ranks of major metropolitan areas for affordable, quality of life due to our natural resources, population growth, entrepreneurial success and many other reasons. And, that’s just the West Side of Central Florida.

Between Tampa and Orlando, our region has proven the ability to be as much of a corporate powerhouse as the twin cities in Minnesota. With a skilled labor force, educated talent pool, innovative mindset, friendly business climate and sunshine to top it off. We could surpass even more MSAs soon on our path of growth.

Keep paying attention; you’re witnessing the start of a very long success story.


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